Scansea ApS

Sustainable frozen fish from the purest and cleanest oceans of the world provides the best possible quality for every delivery


We have decades of experience in sales and supply – your needs are in the right hands with us.


We understand your requirements, and we work hard on sourcing and finding the exact product you need.

We specialize in frozen fish export of the classic North Atlantic species – main volume is saithe, redfish, cod, haddock and catfish (wolffish) as well as pelagic species like mackerel, herring and capelin.

We do fish roes (cod and saithe), filet blocks, mince blocks, interleaved filets, IQF portions and loins.


The wellknown white meat species of the exceptional quality, flakey, delicious and very popular around the world.

  • Cod           (Gadus Morhua)
  • Saithe      (Pollachius Virens)
  • Haddock  (Mel. Aeglefinus)
  • Redfish    (Sebastes Marinus/Mentella/Vivip.
  • Ling          (Molva Molva)
  • Catfish (Wolffish) (Anarhichas lupus)


The pelagic species are full of healthty fat. It is used and appreciated all over of the world. 

  • Mackerel        (Scomber Scombrus)
  • Herring           (Clupea Harengus)
  • Capelin           (Mallotus Villosus)
  • Blue Whiting  (Micromesistius Poutassaou)
  • Silver Smelt   (Argentina Silus)
  • Salmon           (Salmo Salar)